A Peppy, Powerful, and Responsive Commuter with New Safety and Security Tech!

A Peppy, Powerful, and Responsive Commuter with New Safety and Security Tech! 2024-03-20Leave a comment

As the first new model in Rad Power Bikes’ lineup since 2022, the Radster marks the next stage in the brand’s evolution. With two configurations, the Radster Road sticks to its roots as a commuter, while the Trail version adopts an off-road approach. In our Rad Power Bikes Radster Road review, we put the sporty asphalt-only version to the test!

One of the major differences between this new generation of Rad bikes and the company’s previous models is a more powerful, far more responsive motor. The Radster Road’s 750W rear hub relies on a torque sensor to engage, which allows it to adapt its output to match the rider’s effort. In our experience, this made for a smooth, natural feeling ride. The upgrade to 100 Newton-meters of torque also gave the bike fast acceleration and plenty of oomph.

To alleviate any potential concerns about its battery and electrical system, the Radster Road is both UL 2271 and UL 2849 certified. Rad also raised the bar for safety in the industry by using a “potted” battery pack, wherein the individual cells are sealed and surrounded by a heat-resistant resin to reduce the likelihood of thermal runaway.

We were thrilled about all of the Radster’s upgrades, but we were also relieved to note that it still had the heart and soul of a Rad Power bike. Here at Electric Bike Report, we have maintained the opinion that Rad makes some of the most dependable, safe, and well-put-together e-bikes in their price range; these things are often suggested by our test data, but more apparent in feel alone.

With that in mind, we identified some aspects of the bike that certain potential buyers should consider. We found the riding position of the Road to be somewhat awkward with its styling/geometry and Dutch-style handlebars – though the Trail version felt great. Additionally, while we think the bike is well-suited for seniors, its weight of 78 lbs (including the battery) is relatively heavy when compared to other commuter e-bikes we have tested. We think the Radster’s benefits far outweigh its cons, however, as its overall feel and performance exceeded our expectations.

Our full Rad Power Bikes Radster Road review continues below.

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