E-Bike Microadventures with Peter Kraus

E-Bike Microadventures with Peter Kraus 2024-01-19Leave a comment

Oh hey – it’s our friend Peter Kraus! You may know Peter from NBC’s The Bachelorette. We know him because he loves e-bikes (of course).

“I’ve never had as much fun as I’ve been having on my Schwinn e-bike,” says Kraus, “I commute to work in half the time and have the joy of using the assist or not depending on how strenuous my day was! Aaaand I save loads on gas! I take my entire family on group rides for the first time in my life because they haven’t been able to ride in 20+ years!”

Take a spin with Peter as he cruises through downtown Scottsdale, AZ. Thanks to the pedal assist, throttle, and extended battery on Peter’s e-bike it was quite an adventure! He started his day at the Mountain Shadows Resort, then made stops at the Red Canyon Café for coffee and had a sweet treat at the Sugar Bowl in Downtown Scottsdale just to name a few. Check it out!

20 inch electric mountain bike 48V 750Watt Ebike

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