Ebikes: A Rapidly Growing Industry

Ebikes: A Rapidly Growing Industry 2023-12-21Leave a comment

Forecast after forecast lists eBikes as one of the fastest growing industries, outstripping traditional bicycles by huge margins. The eMTB (electric mountain bike) is the fastest growing segment of the eBike sales blitz. People are getting fed up with the traditional infrastructure tied to the gas-powered automobile and are looking for a better option. Many are deciding that an electric bike is just the vehicle they need to bypass those cars standing still in traffic. To pass that gas station while laughing at the price. To help create a cleaner world. To keep hard-earned money in their pocket.

While there are many good reasons to purchase an eBike, the number one reason people and businesses cite when buying an electric bike: Money.

Businesses have noticed the benefits of electric bikes

A major factor in the growth of the industry comes down to the fleet industry. Companies are realizing that eBikes are a cost-effective option for their businesses and are buying fleets of them. Delivery companies in cities realized a long time ago that bicycles are not only more cost-effective than cars but also time-saving. eBikes take that a step further. They allow the delivery rider to get there faster while expending less energy using pedal assist. Opening the job market up for a wider variety of abilities to become delivery riders. This new level of accessibility is a win for everyone. The benefits of electric bikes aren’t just good for business, they are proving to be very popular with the public as well.

The numbers themselves couldn’t be clearer. The growth of interest in electric bikes has doubled from 2019 to 2020. It’s only the start of the electric bike era.

Why are eBikes gaining in popularity?

Let’s take a deeper look into the popularity of the eBike. Both short-range city eBikes and powerful MTBs like the Delfast Top 3.0i are showing exponential growth in popularity and sales.

  1. As we mentioned above, money is the top reason why people and businesses are switching to eBikes. Owning an eBike is more cost-effective for a variety of reasons. Let’s break it down using the powerful and intelligent Top 3.0i as an example. The average yearly cost of charging the ultra-long range 72V 48Ah battery is only $25. If you have solar you won’t even pay that. Gasoline is currently $6 per gallon for your car. A car averaging 30mpg will consume $3000 worth of gasoline per year. Driving a new car off the lot costs roughly 5x more than the Delfast Top 3.0i, with the average price of a mid-size car at almost $30,000. Most of the costs of an eBike are upfront.
  2. It’s eco-friendly. Electric bikes emit zero carbon emissions. They release no noxious gasses to warm the planet. Many eBikes (including the Top 3.0i) are manufactured in more eco-friendly ways than cars, using much less space, energy, and eco-friendly materials. Shipping an eBike is much less carbon-intensive due to the number of units in a shipping container.
  3. In most cases, no license or registration is needed. States such as California and New York have laws that treat eBikes like traditional bicycles. Many parts of the US, Canada, and many other countries are quite liberal with their laws regarding eBikes. Make sure you investigate your own local eBike laws as they can vary from city to city and state to state. In many areas of the United States, you don’t need to register or insure your electric bike, though our recommendation would be that you insure it to protect yourself, others, and your investment.
  4. A developing infrastructure. As demand increases many cities are racing to update existing infrastructure, or create new paths, roads, and trails for those on two wheels. The push for more accessible environmentally friendly spaces is helping. As cities adopt more environmentally friendly power grids, charging becomes not only smarter, but better for the planet.
  5. Mobility is a huge factor driving growth. Mobility comes in a variety of forms and functions. The ability to get to where you want to go faster and not wait in traffic is an important one. Adaptive technology is another. The eBike has the possibility of allowing people of all abilities to get to where they want to go, creating more mobility for everyone. This pushes the industry to innovate even further.

E-Bike growth isn’t slowing down

The growth of the electric bike sector will not be slowing anytime soon. There’s new technology around every bend in the road. We will continue to work on lighter frames, improving app functionality, charging technologies, battery capacity, and output, all while making electric bikes friendlier and more accessible for every user. We are excited about the possibilities and will continue to push innovation with a clear-eyed eco-conscious focus.

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