diy 24V 36V 350W Electric Foldable Bike Brush high speed Motor 350 watt ebike conversation kit


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350W brush DC motor kit
The kit includes:
1). 1 x 350W brush motor
2). 1 x Motor controller (with fuse wire)
3). 1 x Throttle handle(with battery voltmeter & key switch)
4). 1 x No-teeth freewheel
5). 1 x Chain wheel (55 teeth)
6). 1 x 25H chain (106 links)
7). 1 x Freewheel adapter (27mm)
​8). some connectors



1). This motor is a high-speed motor that without reduction gearbox, its output speed is fast but its torque is small, so it does not good to drive heavy.
Usually we use it on the small wheel scooter.
If you do not know what motor you should use, please feel free to contact me.
2). This kit comes with a 55T chain wheel, this can let the vehicle run fast(10-inch wheel about 25km/h), but the torque is low, if you want the torque high, you’d better change this chain wheel to 65T or 80T.
3). This freewheel adapter inside diameter is 27mm, if this size doesn’t fit your axle, we also have the 21mm and 31mm models.
4). This kit uses the freewheel chain wheel that can drive forward only, if you want the motor drive backward, you need to use a fixed chain wheel or weld the freewheel to make it fixed.
​5). This controller comes with a fuse wire and 3 fuses, if you burn 1 fuse, you’d better note what makes it burnt and avoid this happen again, or please feel free to contact me for help.
6). This kit does not include battery, you need to buy the battery separately, the lead acid battery and the lithium battery are
all ok, and the battery capacity I recommend 24V 15Ah and 36V 12Ah.

Motor model
Motor type
Brushed high speed
24V / 36V
Output speed
2750 rpm
Rated torque
1.22 N.m
2 pcs cable
11 teeth sprocket for 25H chain
Motor weight
2.5 kg

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Additional information

Motor Type

Side Hung Motor


36V 350W, 24V 350W


301 – 400W


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